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The Gardens

The gardens are set around the Curl Brook in 5 acres of mainly level ground. The pathways are grassed with numerous bridges criss-crossing the tangle of streams and ponds. There is a mass of colourful moisture-loving plants, shaded by a backdrop of mature trees and shrubs. Enjoy a stroll around the ponds or climb the spiral mound to take in the spectacular views of the local countryside. Take your time and rest on one of the many benches dotted around the garden as there is so much to see.

We have started to develop the large field to the front of the property, next to the Café and nursery. In particular you will see a 2 metre high Moon Gate set within a newly laid beech hedge. This gate will lead visitors to the first of the new gardens we intend to lay out in the coming years. We have also started planting trees throughout the 12 acre site that we will progressively add to as we develop our plans. Of course, these new gardens will continue the water theme of the main garden and embraces the brook as it meanders its way through the field and on to Pembridge. We will update this site to keep you informed of our progress, but in the meantime, enjoy the journey through the existing and mature garden  


The Bog Garden

Entering the main part of the garden, past the Water Tower and  over the Mill Pool bridge, you will find the Bog Garden to your left, rich in water-loving plants. Paths criss-cross the bog providing you with a close-up view of the many plants that thrive in this environment. .

Colin, our gardener, has been working hard to restore the bog garden back to its original form. Over the preceding years, soil build up and plant growth has reduced the water flow. Thanks to Colin's efforts, water is now flowing freely throughout the bog garden and we will see how it develops over the course of the season.  

The Big Pond

Behind the cornus hedge that provides a screen at the back of the Bog Garden you come to the Big Pond flanked by massed groups of moisture-loving plants, both large and small. On one side are mainly giant irises and rushes, while on the other side you walk between the pond and the leat - the channel which feeds the mill, in the midst of exuberantly colourful primulas, hemerocallis, ligularia and other water-lovers.


The pond used to be fed from Curl Brook but due to the high levels of nitrates and phosphates, this created a persistent problem of algae build up. As a result, the feed was changed to the spring water that comes down the channel behind the Cuckoo Clock and so far, this has resulted in clearer water, although duck week and other pond weeds offer new challenges!   


Take a walk around our Garden


The Cairn Garden

The rose Rambling Rector and white wisteria cover a pergola that separates the Cairn Garden from the Big Pond. The Cairn garden is made up of a series of small islands separated by a maze of narrow water channels. Each island is well stocked with a wide range of plants.

A fountain bubbles from the cairn at the centre of the garden and we have recently changed the water pump to give us a more vibrant flow of water.

The African Summer House is close by and provides welcome shade on a hot day. 

The Wild Flower Meadow

From the Cairn Garden you cross bridges to reach The Canal at the edge of the Wild Flower Meadow.

The canal connects the two brooks and is important for the flood defenses of the property as it allows water to be diverted from the leat which flows in front of the house to the brook that flows down past the café.

 Follow a stream-side walk bordered by an avenue of Aspen Poplars and climb to the top of the Spiral Mound to feel like the king of the castle! From the mound, you have the best view of the wild flower meadow. From here, you also have a great view along the length of the new rill, through the rose pergola and to the distant hills. 

Continue along the pathway next to the brook and you will reach the point where the two brooks that feed the property meet - Sour Brook which comes in from your left and Curl Brook that is straight ahead. 

Carry on round the path and you enter a woodland setting which leads you back to the start. 


The 'Monet' Bridge and Lily Pond

Returning to the main part of the garden, cross the leat through a tunnel of giant Gunnera leaves to find the Lily Pond and the Monet Bridge.

Follow the stream with its massed primulas backed by the Giant Cuckoo Clock in its setting of evergreens.

On your right is the Orchard Spinney underplanted with a variety of shade-loving groundcover plants and shrubs.

This brings you back in front of the house. Continue under the canopy of the large willow tree and follow the path around the side of the house to appreciate the more traditional planting. Catch a glimpse of the 'borrowed' view of the apple orchard next door, great at any time of the year but especially when the apple trees are in blossom.   

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